Thanks for coming by my small slice of the internet! I hope you stay awhile and poke around. I primarily review books on here, since that’s how I like to pay it forward as far as the writing community goes. The other tabs lead to places where my writing is found around the internet (please check those out).

A little on me, I have a wide range of interests but they are mostly centered around philosophy, books, movies and anything science fiction. I specifically write science fiction, but I’m currently messing around with just about any genre, noir, cosmic horror, magical realism…

I’m married and I have two little ones at home, who try their best to keep me busy as well.

I’ve done plenty of blogs prior to this one, but this is the one that I’m finally investing in and making my “home.”

There is a firm hold on all soliciting of ARCS and books to review for now. Feel free to still reach out though, since I do enjoy chatting with people about books. You can also tweet me as well, since I spend a lot of time on Twitter.

Also, if you’re just looking for a book to read, please check out my Bookshop! I have several curated lists that should soothe any reader’s itch.

Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll catch you around the stacks!


Alexander Pyles


Me via a Prisma filter.

Last updated 03/15/19