Update: 2020 – Relaunch?

So, I realize I’ve been silent for quite a while. Well, I mean not really if you check out my Twitter. I haven’t posted any book reviews since February and not even a single writing/reading update since then either. I wanna talk about that and what I hope to do for the future of my book blog and this site in general.

I’m going to break this down into parts, in so far as what to expect going forward and what the status of these various things are.

Book Reviews: I’m not going to have as a prolific flow as I had before, mostly because of life, which I will get to soon. I’m aiming to do roughly 3-4 book reviews a month. I’m not sure I’m going to keep taking requests, although I will continue to review books that I have received in the past and requesting ARCS when I have the time.

Writing updates: Well, I haven’t had a lot of these, because like everything else during 2020, that part of my life both professional/personal, was on fire. I have not kept a regular schedule and with my wife and I working from home and juggling the kids who have also been home, having the bandwidth to write has been a struggle. I have a handful of projects I’m trying to get to though, so don’t think I’ve just thrown in the towel, but I have gone through a bit of a dry season creatively, so I’ve been attempting to replenish that well. Will, I still occasionally post some small reflections are other updates here? Probably.

Reading: My reading, maybe similar to your owns, slowed way down during this COVID period. I’ve gotten it back somewhat in the past couple months, but I have been reading mostly comics/graphic novels to just keep my creative juice’s flowing. I don’t see this going away any time soon, at least not until something else extreme happens home-wise.

Bookshop: I’ve recently become an affiliate of the Amazon alternative, you can read their mission statement here, but basically they hope to support brick and mortar indie bookstores, by giving them a part of each of the sales through the site. Now, I know it is still better to probably go through them directly, but if you can’t find a book and the shop isn’t able to grab it, why not go there? I’ve set up my own shop there (just follow this link), which will be carefully curated lists of my favorites in the genre as well as the current year. I’ll also have a direct link on my site here to take you there if you want to check it out. I’m just trying this out for the most part, since I really support their mission over there at Bookshop.

Life update: Well, as I’ve hinted COVID has really taken a toll here at the Pyles home. I’m currently under water with work and being behind on projects. We are both feeling the pressure of things, especially with the incoming 2nd lockdown in full swing. I’m actually dealing with some health stuff myself as well (nothing serious), which also takes some time in an already stacked schedule. There is just a lot going on behind the scenes here.

As a final last word, don’t crucify me if I don’t adhere to any of this. I’m just attempting to keep myself accountable. I said I would do this soft re-launch of my site/blog in November and it’s the 30th, so I did it!

Otherwise, to all of you followers and loyal readers of my blog, thanks for sticking with me and I hope I can bring you some sort of value to your reading life this coming year.

All the best,


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