Writing Update: End of 2019


This is another long overdue post, so I’ll make this more short and sweet.

2019 was one of the best years I’ve had thus far when it comes to writing. I submitted 75+ times and had numerous drabbles accepted, while also having my first-ever standalone publication released.

I wrote in total (including revision edits/outlining/free writing) around 180k words for the entire year, which is pretty incredible. This also doesn’t include the handful of articles I either attempted to wrote or did write and just didn’t submit anywhere. And if I’m being thorough here, my blog writing alone as just 11 words short of 60k total. (I did post 128 times last year as well.) Not that any of this is a competition, but I like to see the full scope of my work and I have to remind myself that even if I’m not writing *fiction* that day, I’m still doing some sort of writing.

So, looking into this year, in case you missed my previous post, I have yet to begin writing in earnest for the year. We have a lot going on personal wise and my wife’s work has picked up a lot, which of course means I’m trying to pick up the slack. I’m still reading a lot and publishing reviews in various places, but I’m also not keeping as a militant schedule with the blog since this is, after all, a hobby not a job.

What projects am I going to be working on soon? Well, I’m hoping to enter the Parsec contest again this year. I also have a few other short story projects in various stages of outlining/drafting/revision. My sights are also on doing a substantial (and possibly re-write overhaul) of my space opera-ish novel from my MFA program. I do plan on returning to my #Nanowrimo story eventually, but I think I still need more space from it for now.

Anyway, I’ll be back with a quarterly update more towards March or April to let you know how all of this is going, but until then, thanks for keeping up with me!

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