Musical Moods for 2019

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So, its that time of year that I tend to do wrap ups and other things, but for the first time, I’m going to highlight what I listened to, since I tend to listen to a lot of things when I write. It’s one part focusing, one part inspiration. I listen to both songs with or without lyrics and find them useful at least for my creative purposes..

Another part to this, is that my process often involves music in order to translate tone. I change genres or artists based on what part of a book or story I’m in. Its just some strange organic thing that’s arisen in the last year or so.

I don’t have any idea what chamber pop is, but I listen to a lot of it apparently and it’s not shocking that I listened to Novo Amor so much (32 hours alone). My top artists for the decade aren’t a shock either. William Fitzimmons is a literal angel.

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It was also, a year that I listened to a TON of more music than I have previously. Not sure what that is, other than I was writing a lot more, so that’s where that time went.

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Not really sure what this means as a whole, but it does seem I enjoy similar sounding music, which I guess is a no-brainer. Thanks Spotify, lol.

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Kinda proud of this stat, even if I didn’t mean to intentionally. I use my “discover weekly” playlist pretty liberally, so that’s more than likely how I crossed the globe so much.

I’ve already talked about Willy boy, but I have also linked the playlists below in case you want to check it out!

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One thought on “Musical Moods for 2019

  1. Am I a total loser for not having heard of William Fitzsimmons? Regardless, I’m going to check him out based on this post so thanks for plugging a hole in my cultural knowledge 😄


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