Review: Snow Over Utopia


I read a lot of books throughout the year, but there are only a handful that make me take a step back and say “What the F.”

SNOW OVER UTOPIA by Rudolfo A. Serna was one of those books. Loaded to the very brim with genre-melded, blended goodness, and richly poetic prose, Serna challenges the most well-read to pierce his narrative.

Combining elements of frenetic apocalyptic fantasy, psychedelic science fiction, and dashes of doom metal, SNOW OVER UTOPIA is a visceral, but deeply emotional read. While, this is not a book for the faint of heart, who cannot handle disturbing violence or abuse, it does contain at its heart a promise of beauty.

After the world has ended, humanity has changed, evolved, and mutated. A girl named Eden, who has lost her rare blue eyes, flees from slave masters with the help Miner, a murderer. They come across the Librarian and Delilah, who take care of them both inside their mountain sanctuary, but Eden is meant for much more. Eden will have to dive into the necrotronic stream to seek out the living computer program called Witch Mother to aid her, yet will it be enough? It will be up to Eden and Miner to face horrors upon horrors and reach the city of Utopia and break the tyrannical hold the Robot Queen has over this fallen, but healing world.

Serna’s prose is both sparse, yet so deeply enthralling,  I was on page fifty by the time I emerged to take a breath. This is not a story that treats readers kindly either, you have to just lean into the strange world and float amidst the purple mist and yellow smoke and the throbbing black-mass that powers various technologies. It is both disturbing and comforting, terrifying, but peaceful all at once. Even by the end, I could not decide how to feel about it, other than be in awe of such an intricately written novel.

Readers who enjoy a sprawling narrative that has elements of almost every single genre that exists, SNOW OVER UTOPIA is a must-read.

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