Nanowrimo: Recap


Well, I did it! I regret to say that I lowered my goal from 60k to 50k in the second to last week of Nanowrimo, but I still completed the baseline challenge of Nanowrimo! For a first timer, I’ll take my laurels and bask in that for at least this next week. I’m exhausted and I’m partially spent by the incredible task, but overall I’m happy I did it.

I’ll post my last week of word counts along with some charts for all you data junkies as well. You can see where I struggled and how I kind of wrote in “waves” for several days and then hit a wall. Otherwise, on average I wrote around 1.8k+ words a day, which honestly is a pretty decent clip. How many of those words are “salvageable” is another story, but I honestly learned a lot about my process as a writer, more on that another day.


Either way it was fun and it felt great to have a much longer piece out, to revise and work on down the road. I can’t really say much about it other than say it is a mixture of ARRIVAL & SOLARIS, but I’m not sure how valid that will be once I start revisions. I’m sure I’ll keep you all updated.

11/19 – 2,321
11/20 – 1,178
11/21 – 986
11/22 – 943
11/23 – 1,153
11/24 – 2,026
11/25 – 1,029
11/26 – 840
11/27 – 815
11/28 – 1,030
11/29 – 1,245
11/30 – 0

Total: 50,304



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