Nanowrimo Update #3


Update #3 and I’ll be honest, this is starting to suck. I mean, it’s not totally bad, I have enjoyed exercising this way, writing-wise. It has been great for my motivation in getting words on paper and it has been awesome seeing this story take form under my fingertips, but overall it is arduous, especially when you’re doing as much as I have been on top of just writing.

Sorry for the lack of book reviews, those should be returning either later this week or next. I just haven’t had a lot of time to read (hard to imagine I know).

I’m thrilled to be getting so close to the end since I totally blasted over the midway mark last week, and I’m thrilled that I should be reaching 40k within a couple days and even 50k maybe before next update! Either way, it’s been an adventure!

Here are my daily counts for this week with the current total:

11/12 – 2,314
11/13 – 2,019
11/14 – 1,977
11/15 – 2,428
11/16 – 2,028
11/17 – 442
11/18 – 2,258

Total: 36,738

And if you want real-time updates(along with my other rantings & ravings, please follow me on twitter at @Pylesofbooks.

Otherwise, just keep your eye out next week. And if you’re doing #Nanowrimo yourself, good luck and just keep writing! (And if you need encourage, just tweet me and I’ll give it to you!)


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