Nanowrimo Update #2

Okay, so this is update #2 obviously and this week has been much more of a slog than the first couple days, but I’m getting it done! I’m exhausted and I’m getting words on paper, in fact I just got done with my session tonight.

Here are my daily counts for this week with the current total:

11/6 – 2,105
11/7 – 2,381
11/8 – 1,073
11/9 – 2,217
11/10 – 2,055
11/11 – 2,130

Total: 23,272

Like I said in the last post if real-time updates, please follow me on twitter at @Pylesofbooks. Otherwise, just keep your eye out next week. And if you’re doing #Nanowrimo yourself, good luck and just keep writing! (And if you need encourage, just tweet me and I’ll give it to you!)


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