Nanowrimo Update #1


So, after the first four days of #Nanowrimo, I can tell that this is going to be a slog by the end. I’ll be posting these updates every Tuesday until the end of the month, just to keep me accountable and keep you all updated.

I’ll have the stats from the past week posted below along with whatever insights I have at that time. What has happened so far is that my story has evolved a non-linear timeline with multiple POVs occurring at various times, which was just entirely organic. I attempted to plot most of this story, but every time I sat down to outline, I just couldn’t get anything out. Either way, it has been really fun to experiment with this type of rigorous discipline. You just can’t take the pantsing out of the pantser, I guess.

Anyway here are my counts broken down by day along with the current total:

11/1 – 2,359
11/2 – 2,384
11/3 – 2,472
11/4 – 2,020

Total: 9,235

If you want to see real-time updates, please follow me on twitter at @Pylesofbooks. Otherwise, just keep your eye out next week. And if you’re doing #Nanowrimo yourself, good luck and just keep writing!


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