Book Release: MILO


So, today MILO (01001101 011010001 01101100 01101111) drops and I could not be more excited!

The title character seeks a release from his lifelong chronic illness. His friend discovers a miracle that offers a second chance, but is it too good to be true? Milo explores the relationship between disability, technological progress, and the cost of our society’s emphasis on corporeal normalcy.

None of this could have been possible without Radix Media and the lovely team over there. I have to hand it to them, after managing to sneak by the shop last weekend was great, especially to see the operation in person. I haven’t talked about my politics a lot on the blog here (check my Twitter feed), but I am a HUGE fan of worker co-ops and unions, which is what drew me to submitting to Radix in the first place. They work for themselves and are able to control everything from top to bottom.

The other huge plus is that by being in control like this, they get to work on what they are passionate about and it really shows. Everything from the quality of the paper, binding, top level cover design, it carries itself like a work that takes itself seriously. Radix Media above all treats their work seriously and well valued, while also weaving their own motivations and passions subtly through it.

Also, huge shout out to Nico Roxe, a Brooklyn based artist who not only provided the art for the cover, but also created some fantastic drawings that are throughout my little story. What I love about Roxe’s work is that it’s not only pretty post-modern, but it’s also ultimately subversive, which my little story was attempting to do as well on it’s own, what a great pairing. Please check him out! (He’s also a pretty rad electronic musician – loved this track).

I would have posted an excerpt of my story here, but Radix already did on their own blog, so check it out there.

You can purchase MILO (01001101 011010001 01101100 01101111) here.




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