Book Release: Unravel

59961149_139978983805539_1906721649835638784_o (1)

Another Black Hare Press anthology drops today! This one is filled with people on the wrong side of the law, bad cops, and crime.

Crime and noir fiction aren’t natural genres for me, but I still contributed five micro fictions, which were all accepted! I’m proud of these, since they have a range of tones from the taunting criminal, to the aging cop, to the grizzled sleuth.

The list of all those stories will be at the bottom here. As with the other anthologies, I’m alongside 100+ other authors and their gritty slices of crime.

I hope you all enjoy!

Follow the link here to find it in e-book, paperback, and hardback.

Leaf Memorial
Long Ride to the Gray Bar Hotel
One Last Case
To Stop Time
What I coulda


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