Review: The Fearing Pt. 3 – Air & Dust

the fearing pt 3

I just realized the other day that we are over half way through October and I had yet to read a spOOky book! Well, I redeemed that quickly with the third installment of John F.D. Taff’s ongoing serial novel THE FEARING. I read part three: AIR & DUST and I have to say, that the dread is sinking in.

Still continuing amidst the apocalyptic calamities that are destroying the planet, Adam and Jelnik continue to make their way across the country for a meeting, while a darkness creeps after them choking the air and souring the ground. Rev. Mark finds new hope with an orphaned girl, Monday in tow when they reach a camp full of survivors, but the question will be, how safe will this abandoned airfield be? Are they brave enough?

This installment was truly a set-up for the climax of this series, but Taff does not shrug away any of the thrilling/horrifying moments that have as part and parcel to THE FEARING. After the sad and shocking twists in part two, of which I’m still having a hard time forgiving Taff for, he lets up on the gas pedal and lets our main characters breath as they settle in somewhat with this strange, terrifying reality. Kyle is struggling, Rev. Mark is struggling, and even Jelnik is struggling, see the pattern?

There are some really interesting world building tidbits that are coming to the front, which without saying too much surrounds Adam and Monday. These breadcrumbs I’m sure are leading us to a great pay off in part four, but for now they are just teasing our appetite.

If you’ve enjoyed the previous parts, then this will certainly not disappoint and you have to get through the set up before we can have dessert. This conclusion cannot come soon enough.

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