Book Release: ANGELS


I said stay tuned and here is another of the Black Hare Press anthologies(that I’m in)!

It releases today from Amazon and contains another five of my drabbles! I’ll post the title list below as I did last time at the bottom.

My own drabbles for this edition cover angels of death, strife in heaven, and the little voices on our shoulders. I had a lot of fun messing around with angelic tropes, I think they ended up pretty okay overall.

Either way, if you decide to pick it up, you’ll also find 100+ other writer’s takes on angels and all the varied ways these beings can be warped, bent, and molded.

Hope you all enjoy!

Follow the link here to find it in either e-book, paperback, or hardback.

A Bargain Struck 
Fire in the Garden 
Guardian of Who? 
Sins of the Fathers
Two for One


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