Book release: WORLDS


Today is release day for the anthology which I am in! It has been a long time, since I have been in an anthology and I’m thrilled that I was accepted into it.

So, if you noticed my updated “Publications page” you’ll find this anthology listed there, since I have a handful of micro fiction published in this. I’m also published along numerous other authors, roughly 120+ of them with their own tiny stories. There are a mix of emerging, semi pro, and pro writers in these pages, so you probably don’t want to miss out on this volume.

My handful of micro ranges from invasion fleets to colonization gone wrong to alien abduction. I’ll have the title listing below, but before I go any further, this is the first release of the Australian publisher, Black Hare Press. They have been a lot of fun to work with and exceedingly helpful and encouraging to the writers who submit to them. It’s not a surprise that I ended up submitting to them again and again as they  announced new calls for micro fiction anthologies (those will release in the coming months, so stay tuned).

Follow this link to the book and pick your edition (it’s available in kindle, paperback & hardcover) and get ready to head to new WORLDS.

Keep an eye out for the titles below and you’ll find my (small) contributions.

Conscious Overload 
The Swarm 


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