Review: How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People

how not to get shot
What a bittersweet read.

Hughley holds nothing back in this witty, clear-cut take on the USA and our culture of racism. This book made me both chuckle and cringe as he unpacks numerous injustices and incidents that have taken place over most recent years, along with his own personal stories.

This isn’t a book for someone to change their biases or even by convinced of Hughley’s position. There is a simmering rage underneath the satire and there are times the reader can’t help but read into the small exacerbated sidebars, Hughley launches into throughout his book. This book is not only about expressing a problem, but a way for catharsis with explaining how all of these tragedies “may have been avoided.”

Although, this is getting away from the point of the book, which is essentially “don’t be a black man.” And for myself as a white male, who has such little experience with what Hughley talks about, I feel pained by the clear inequalities and injustices. In some ways, this was a gut check to my own social conditioning and how I can help in guarding against my own implicit racism I’ve been formed in. Either way, there’s a lot you can get of this if you’re familiar/enjoy Hughley’s comedy.

Is this a funny book? Yes. Is it a book with hard truths? Yes. Is it a book you’ll regret reading? Hell no.

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