Review: The Freeze-Frame Revolution


It’s been awhile since I couldn’t put a sci-fi novella down and when I had to with this one, I did begrudgingly(darn kids!).  I really could have read this in one sitting, because Watts just makes everything so tense and so utterly readable.

We have our protagonist Sunday on a one way trip across the literal galaxy, that has been ongoing for an incredible amount of years. The crew is brought to life for a few short days, maybe even just two, and then are put away in “crypts” or what I started to call “dusty cryo.”

Sunday becomes swept up in a conspiracy among the crew, who has become unsatisfied with how their lives over the millennia has become and their oppressive overlord is the AI or CHIMP who has been keeping their mission it’s primary directive, even at the expense of it’s crew. What happens next is ingenious.

While, I still have some funny feelings about the ending and some of the more “hard science” passages I could have done without, since they didn’t do anything to push the plot forward, this was still a great little book.

Being that this was my first taste of Watts(a crime I know), I have to say that I had quite a time and I’m looking forward to reading him again. I think I’m going to try BLINDSIGHT by him next, which I hear is a classic, so who knows?


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