2019: Writing Ahead

This is another post that I have been dragging my feet on. It’s funny since I had conceptualized what my goals were in December, but then after the 1st of the year, I’ve had to already begin adapting and creating new targets as more hurdles emerged. I guess that’s just what happens right?

So, looking back at my writing/submission stats from last year:

I submitted 19 times to various venues. Out of those 19, I had two acceptances. This is a milestone, since I have pretty much only had 1 acceptance per year.

This year, I’m shooting for 50 submissions. I’m actually already up to 4, with 3 rejections so far. Not a bad pacing.

As far as actual writing goes:

I wrote roughly 53k+ words last year, which includes large revisions as well as roughs etc. I stayed with mainly doing flash or short fiction, no longer pieces, but that will change this year.

I’m not sure what my word target is for the year, but since I have been planning on doing more nonfiction writing this year, along with fiction writing, I’m sticking with milestones like the submission goal above.

I plan on submitting 1 short story a month(excluding flash fiction), so at least 2k minimum.  I also am planning on writing a weird fic novella this spring and will hopefully have it near completion by the end of May. I’m already a little behind on that front, but brainstorming for it has proven to be a lot more complex then I remembered.

I’m experimenting with a lot of different genres right now…horror, noir, weIRd, magical realism, science fiction…I might be messing around with too much stuff, but given how trends have been going with genre blending, I think that’s okay. I hope to be producing something of worth every month and I hope I can do these various genres justice.

Beyond any other plans, I will more than likely adjust these as I go.

Obviously I will still be posting book reviews as I chew through my TBR list, but thanks for watching my journey as a writer continue it’s growth here and beyond!



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