Review: The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion

The lamb will slaughter the lion

What a killer cover, right?

So, this was an insane ride and one that I managed to finish in one sitting! (That doesn’t happen often for various reasons.)

I will say that Killjoy has created a tight story that achieves exactly what it wants: If you oppress or coerce others to do what you want, you get what’s coming for you.

We follow Danielle, a roving anarchist, one jaded and bitter with mainstream society, as she arrives in Freedom, Iowa to find answers as to why her friend Clay ended his life shortly after leaving here. It isn’t even an hour that she arrives at the outskirts of this unincorporated collective and stumbles upon a blood-red deer with three antlers that the story clearly becomes much much more.

I found Killjoy’s writing, easy and breathable. Not many authors can sell characters, plot, and theme in under 150 pages(and do it *well*). Danielle is a great narrator, given her past experience and ever-present baggage. I did find the ending somewhat lacking for various reasons, ones that I won’t disclose here, but be assured, it wasn’t enough for me to want to miss out on Danielle’s next adventure into the unreal.

Killjoy’s take on urban fantasy dealing with not only the supernatural but the subversive, punk counter-culture is a can’t miss for any reader.


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