Review: Artemis


Going, to be honest guys, after THE MARTIAN my expectations were kinda high, not incredibly but enough. This was okay. Nothing special and not written terribly, but just okay.

Andy Weir is back with what I would call his sophomore slump. ARTEMIS follows Jazz(Jasmine) the sole smuggler of the new(and only) moon city named Artemis. Always looking for a quick and relatively easy way to make a quick buck, Jazz finds herself swept up in a conspiracy that goes right to the top and leaves a body count behind it.

Despite Weir’s usual humor, there was little laughter from me. The pulpy writing was decent even if the characters tended to blend with one another as the story went along. The story itself was a little too neat and ended on a note that could be open to future novels, which I would not mind, as long as we leave Jazz behind.

If you liked Weir’s first book well enough, you might think this is satisfying, but don’t expect nearly the same level of sciencey babble that was present in his previous book. Jazz is “from the streets” so to speak and despite being conspicuously smart and having a photographic memory, there isn’t much room for breaking down everything she does. The plot doesn’t call for that, but I found a lot of Weir’s choices as a writer to be overtly convenient and maybe a little too “neat”.

Maybe I was expecting too much from Weir, but considering how enjoyable THE MARTIAN was, I wanted a little more from this book. All in all, it was a fun read, but ultimately forgettable.

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