Review: The Stone Sky

So, in case you aren’t up to speed with this triology you can refer back to the reviews I did on The Fifth Season and The Obelisk Gate. This is also my first review concerning any of the Hugo novel finalists. I just found out yesterday that The Stone Sky won the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel and boy does it deserve it!

What. A. Trip.

I’m still processing, but that was one of the more satisfying conclusions to a trilogy that I have read in a long time. Everything that N. K. Jemisin has been building and lovingly put together comes to fruition here and there are no wounds left untouched in this finale to her Broken Earth trilogy.

Everything gets wrapped up here and the story of Essun takes on an even more tragic spin here that I wasn’t necessarily prepared for. What really makes these books though is not the worldbuilding(despite how awesome it is) or even the thematic elements that deal with grudges, motherhood, and humanity’s selfish ambitions.

What makes this book is the POV, which from the get-go has been something of a contentious thing, considering that hardly any books are written in second-person. In The Stone Sky this makes sense though and it comes even farther by the last page, but I don’t want to spoil any of it. The point is that if you have read the first and second book, you MUST read this immediately!

Jemisin did a fantastic job on all fronts with weaving all the pieces and parts to bring together the plot and themes for a great ending. Truly, a landmark series and not one to miss.

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