Music For Your Writing


I’ve been wanting to share with you all something that I’ve been working on for awhile, which is my very own curated sci-fi playlist!

It’s nowhere near complete, but I’ve started it and it contains a lot of my favorite soundtracks and soundscapes to listen to while I write. I’m gearing up for a renewed effort in writing and working on other projects and this is what’s going to get me through! I have a tough time writing in silence unless it’s an absolute intense scene, so having music filters out the other “white noise” around as well as cancel out distractions. I strongly recommend listening to music(ones without lyrics obviously.) If you have some suggestions to add, please don’t be afraid to mention them!

Here are some other playlists that inspired me and have more specific themes rather than my general one. They are all pretty great.

I hope these are fun little things that can help you get into the right mindset!


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