Review: Saga (So Far)

saga cover
So, I’m more or less all caught up on the graphic novel series SAGA, written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. I just want to say that it’s for sure one of my favorites, even if all the content isn’t exactly something I look for in a story. It’s for sure adult material as well between the nudity, graphic violence, and other adult themes, but at its core, this story is about family and what happens to them.

Vaughan has created some compelling characters in Marko and Alana, along with the wide supporting cast, who are sometimes front and center and then fade into the background. I think the pace of each volume has been exciting and the current arc of the comic has entered some interesting ground, all in all. The idea that two heavenly bodies can define a galaxy is nothing new and the mix of science fiction and fantasy is a welcome blend in the graphic novel genre.


There really is something here for everyone, no matter if they are just a comic fan or have a family themselves, SAGA presents the often hard and bitter truth of what its like to raise a family(in all but) difficult circumstances. Where Vaughan especially excels is the small quiet moments of family life, that are sometimes too few and far in between, but in turn, make those moments hard-won treasure after so much hardship.

It’s honestly served as a great reminder that there things that a worth fighting for and while my circumstances may not be as fantastic or extreme as in SAGA, the quiet moments are the ones that should never be taken for granted. I really can’t wait to get my hands on volume nine!

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