Review: Iron Gold


What a great start to another trilogy! I’ve been a huge fan of Red Rising since I read the first book back in 2014 and after Morning Star I did not think Peirce Brown could top himself, but I think he might with this newest set of books.

While it may just be a continuation of the original trilogy, it feels like a maturing, a growing up in some sense. Iron Gold feels more broken if that makes sense, but let me quickly explain. Most books like Morning Star end with the hero who then gets to live a quiet life having beaten back his demons, this isn’t how it ends for our hero, Darrow. Instead, in this new book, the new Republic is balanced on the edge of a knife as enemies from within and without seek to bring down its hard-won equality.

We get not only Darrow’s POV, but also; Lyria a low red from the mines of Mars, Ephraim, a sullen gray con-artist, and Lysander au Lune the heir apparent to the old Society.  Nothing is easy and Darrow finds himself lost in the more complicated depths of political intrigue. Our other characters find themselves trying to make sense of the new world order in any way that they can. The web tangles the players more as they thrash against the conflict that will inevitably swallow the entire solar system.

The only real drawback of this novel is how much set-up is given over to the plot. This is obviously the start of a new series, so there is plenty of groundwork to be done, especially in gathering our bearings after ten years have passed in the world of Red Rising. Brown’s voice has become richer and broadened by the various POVs, and I could not help but feel the loss and pain that has wrecked the solar system and all the colors since the Rising began in earnest.

I’m excited to see what sort of new developments take form and upon finishing the last page, I cannot wait for the release of Dark Age later this year! It feels great to be back in this world!

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