Getting Back In It

So, I realize my blog has been kinda silent for the past couple months and I want to first apologize for that. I realize most of you miss my posts/reviews (hopefully some of you actually do). Life got kind of busy there for a bit between my freelancing and work/family stuff, so the blog had to take the back burner.

I’m starting to write more again in my free time and I’m also reading more. I’m actually going to have a series of posts on the Hugo Finalists as they gear up to be awarded in June. I’ve already chewed through the short fiction category and will be posting my thoughts and reviews on each of them in a couple days.

I plan on reading through the novelette and novella categories as well(maybe even the novel category if I have time, but given that I’ve only read roughly two in the novella category I doubt I’ll have time.) Plus, the novel category includes books that I haven’t read the entire series thus far, so the backlog on that is a little tight.

Otherwise, I hope life is treating you all well and I cannot wait to get back to reviewing and writing again as I start renewed and recharged!


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