Review: Agents of Dreamland

Caitlin Kiernan has written a work that takes time to get into, but like an aged Scotch it needs time to sit well. How can a narrative that includes an undying, lich woman, a freelance contractor, and mysterious spores that preclude the end of the world all have in common? They are all in this book.

The book is a brisk 150ish, standard for a novella. We jump from into three different points of view, the Signalman, who is tasked with finding out what happened in a ranch house, events that haunt him to that day. Immacolata, who appears to exist outside the bounds of time and is another agent alongside Signalman. She seems to be searching for something that can save humanity from its doom. And then finally we have the point of view of Chole, a member of the doomsday cult and witness to the utterly incomprehensible.

Full of the uncanny and bizarre, Agents of Dreamland, is a short story that leaves its readers with the unsettling feeling that everything might not be as it seems and what could occur in only a few short decades. Inspired by Lovecraftian themes and elements, while also wrapping it all in a conspiracy theory lens, this is a story that will hover on the periphery of your mind for days after you finish.

Kiernan also has another story from this world coming out in May, which was first published in 2013.


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