Review: Home (Binti, #2)

Okay, so I know I don’t have a review posted for Nnedi Okorafor’s, Binti, but I just have to gush about the sequel, Home for a second. And I really wanted this to be my last review of the year.

First off. Wow.

The Binti series is the first in a new wave of Afro-futurism that I’ve only recently become aware of and it has been breathing new life into the science fiction genre, at least, it has for me. Okorafor’s world building is superb and done with the most delicate hands. Nothing is overtly explained unless it pertains to our lead heroine, Binti, and even then its only stated as much as she knows it. The series thus far has really been an excellent study of first person POV and how well it can actually flow. I personally hate writing in the first person.

Okorafor has built a magical and very human world, despite the various non-human individuals and races, such as the brutal Meduse. I need to get around to reading the rest of her stuff because if it is anything like Binti I know I will enjoy it and any reader of science fiction will enjoy it thoroughly. The fact that these books are all novellas is another plus and another testament to Okorafor’s skill considering she packs such a punch in under 170 pages.

Binti is a wonderful character to follow, and she only gets better as this next installment goes on. Her journey away from home changed her and her journey back only continues to change her more, much to her disappointment. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore considering this is the sequel.

Thank goodness the next book is coming out in a couple weeks! I cannot wait!


Home (Binti #2)

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