Coming Up For Air (Life Update)

I haven’t really done one of these on this blog before, but I’ve decided it was a good time to start. I finally have a chance to write this, so I wanted to give my readers a sort of “check-in” with me. I will say first that I want to say thank you for reading my reviews thus far, though I realize they have been somewhat few and far between.

I am in the midst of wrapping up my MFA from Seton Hill University, of which I will be graduating January 2018.

I have a one year and an outline of a five-year plan, which is something new for me, but coming out of graduate school, I’ll be in new territory. I never left “school” since I graduated undergrad in 2013, so I want to make sure I’m set up to keep going with my writing dreams and other professional dreams. I have an MA in philosophy, and I plan on writing at least one academic article next year.

Otherwise below I posted a picture of some of the reading material I plan on consuming over the holidays and beyond as I get ready to work on two new projects. I’m planning on taking a small break from “proper” science fiction since I spent two and a half years on a science fiction adventure/space opera for school.

I’m going to be working on a memoir on my mother, who passed away in May of 2016. This is something completely new for me since I’ve never written anything in nonfiction of length outside of my MA philosophy thesis.  It is going to be a hard slog given the material and all the emotion and memory, but the catharsis that might happen outweighs that for me. Plus, I think my Mom’s story needs to be told, as cliched as that sounds.

The other project I’m planning on working on is liked to the David Peak and Eugene Thacker books. Anyone familiar with them may already guess it, but I’m planning on a cosmic horror/sci-fi to be my next spec fiction novella/novel. I’ve never experimented with horror before, so I’m kind of excited but also intimidated by the genre.

Well, I wanted this to be a short note, and here we are, until next time!


One thought on “Coming Up For Air (Life Update)

  1. Alex, I think it is great that you want to write a memoir for your Mom, I would be interested in reading her story. You are such a talented writer and blogger. Aunt Jen


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