Review: Steal The Stars

So, I’m going to do something different here and review an audio drama that was recommended to me. Steal the Stars is written by Mac Rogers, and the novelization is written by Nat Cassidy(who also plays a supporting role in the audio drama). And I just have to say that it is phenomenal. I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to many other audio dramas, but I thought Steal the Stars was well produced by the folks over at Gideon Media.

I’ve just started getting into podcasts again, so I was looking for something to listen to and fell on this after a recommendation. I have no doubt the novelization is just as good and might even fill in some of the blanks I have from the podcast. My listening experience was fantastic, and I thought the production value and presentation was excellent.

What really sucked me in was the set up for this story. Rogers sets up a privatized Area 51, and all personnel have signed binding contracts that include no fraternization with anyone from work. So what happens? Romance blooms amid an alien spaceship complete with a dead(?) alien.

We follow Dak (Dakota) Prentiss who heads security at the base and how she hatches a plan so that she and her lover, Matt Salem, can have a life together. And then everything escalates from there with some crazy narrative turns that I was not prepared for. I’ve read so many books it is hard to still do that, and I always have to give a book its due when that occurs.

When summarized, Steal the Stars sounds like a “paint by numbers” narrative, but the characters are full-bodied, self-determining individuals that drive the plot all the way home. I really loved Dak and how her reactions were so pure throughout the book, even if it put a self-incurred obstacle in her way. I was always excited to listen to the next chapter. The podcast itself is an audio drama in the best sense of the word with a lively cast and great voices behind each character. I found all of them to be enjoyable, even if I wasn’t a terrible fan of their characters.

Overall, great listen and I highly recommend it.

Steal the Stars (book)

Steal the Stars (podcast)

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