Review: Star Wars Golden Books?!

First a note from Pyles of Books:

Sorry, I haven’t posted any reviews in a while, but life has been crazy. I have managed to read some books in the meantime, which means I will be posting rapidly(hopefully) over the next couple weeks.


Here is something a little fun to tide some of you over in the meantime.

4 words: Star Wars Golden Books.

I knew tangentially that they existed and never opened them up. It wasn’t until I was rocking my daughter to sleep that I found them on my library’s e-book site and read through the main saga. Covering episodes 1-6, they were overall pretty fantastic. Some diehards may think they are too simplistic but considering all the details in Star Wars, Golden Books made sure to keep the best parts. And for the fans who love to hate on the prequels…the Golden Books only bring to mind the best parts of episodes 1, 2, and 3. Some of the illustrations in a couple of the books were a little off-putting, but only momentary. Otherwise, the illustrations are in a watercolor/cartoonish style that will please the eye of any knee-knocker.

As an avid Star Wars fan, I have to say that I personally love them at a deep nostalgic level and for those of you that remember Little Golden Books from your childhood, I’m sure they will stroke the same memories for you as well. There isn’t anything better than being able to see these books rehashed in kid form and ready to be read by your padawan in training.

I didn’t get a chance to read the other collection, the Star Wars: I am… or the standalone The Force Awakens but I can assume that they are just as good and just as cute. For a dad who wants to pass on the joys of his childhood onto his children, this makes me a happy camper and glad I can start indoctrinating my kid so young. With The Last Jedi coming out in only a little over 70 days, there is never a better time to introduce little ones to classic pop culture!


The Star Wars Little Golden Book Library (Star Wars) (Little Golden Book: Star Wars)

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